The basics of contact lens care, and how to get a coupon

Category: Shopping Published: Thursday, 15 October 2015 Written by Helgio Lafson

woman putting on contact lensCompared to decades ago, taking care of contact lenses has become much easier. This is because contact lenses continually improve, and these days, all that's really necessary for the most part, is to store you lenses in a case overnight. But this is the minimum that's required, and it's usually a much better idea to follow contact care tips more diligently. I usually do more than the minimum required to take care of my contacts, and have never had an issue with my lenses. Here is the routine I follow:

  1. I remove my contacts every night, even if my contacts are wearable for a week or longer. This helps my eyes get more oxygen and is recommended by almost all eye care professionals.
  2. I rub my lenses in contact lens solution for about 15 seconds. This helps to manually remove some of the debris that accumulates on the lenses.
  3. I store my lenses in solution overnight, and change my case every 3 months. The reason you want to get a new case every few months is because bacteria will build up in the case, and can't be removed easily no matter how well you clean it. The best bet is to therefore just get a new case every now and then. Fortunately, cases are pretty cheap, so this shouldn't affect you financially. To get the cheapest contact lens cases, I recommend going to Dollar Tree.
  4. I only use high-quality contact lens solution. It's tempting to buy generic solution at a fraction of the price, but I have found my eyes get irritated when I use them.

Most people can get away with doing less than what I outlined before. But we're talking about your eye health. Having good vision is such a great thing that we all take for granted, and to keep your eyes healthy, you should not hesitate to take on a bit more hassle to ensure your contacts are always clean and comfortable.

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