Does your business need printed materials?

Category: Shopping Published: Monday, 26 October 2015 Written by Helgio Lafson

Look at the many ways businesses promote themselves lately, and you'll notice that many marketing methods are purely electronic. E-mail, facebook pages, social networking, websites, etc. dominate modern marketing methods. This has caused many to question if they still need to invest in traditional, printed marketing pieces like postcards and brochures.

Business mailing servicesAlthough it's very important to make sure your business has a strong web presence, I continue to believe that printed marketing materials still play an important role. The only exception may be if you are marketing exclusively to a young crowd. If this is not the case, I can guarantee that many of your older customers will appreciate some old-school marketing methods.

One big hurdle that keeps many businesses from buying a lot of printed promotional materials is the fact that they incur a high cost. Consider a simple postcard, for example. You need to hire a designer for the card, a writer to write copy, and then you need to have them professionally printed. After that, you need to purchase a mailing list and pay for mailing costs. All said, a rather simple campaign can easily end up costing you thousands of dollars.

But the thing many business owners don't realize is that it's entirely possible to do a print promotion on a shoestring budget. I recently did this myself, and here is how I saved money.

  1. Designers and Copywriters: I went online and hired cheap designers on sites like Fiverr. The work may not be top-notch, but you'll be surprised to find that most people on Fiverr do a professional job.
  2. Printing: Online printing services, on the whole, offer discounted prices. I used a shop called Printplace to get my postcards done recently. By using Printplace Coupons, I was able to get a very good deal. For the best results, I recommend using offset or digital printing.
  3. Do-It-Yourself Printing: If you don't want to use a professional service, you can print many products like flyers, postcards, and brochures on your own. You'll need a good printer and lots of high-quality ink. The ink especially can become expensive, but there are ways to obtain printer ink cheaply on the Internet. I get my ink from a very good online ink store called Inkfarm. If you don't already have a favorite online ink store, I highly recommend you try Inkfarm. For a limited time, you can get a 10% off coupon from Inkfarm.
  4. Mailing: Streamlining can often lead to extra savings. Since Printplace offers a mailing service, I utilize their services routinely. For a recent order, I searched for coupons and promo codes, and found some great ones on the Internet. Using these coupons, I was able to save almost a hundred dollars.

If cost is a concern for you, I think you should follow a similar plan to getting your printing and mailing done. Even if the postcards that are produced using this method may not be the most eye-catching designs out there, you'll still be able to promote your business effectively. I got good results from my recent marketing campaign despite doing it on the cheap, and I was very happy with how things turned out.


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