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Helgi Olafson has developed a history of inspiring athletes and people with arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) from around the world to live healthy lives through stretching, routine exercise, nutrition, maintaining positive attitudes, and most importantly, listening to their bodies.  Helgi has been setting the example by learning, growing and teaching as his journey into endurance sports and the world of triathlon continues.  Since the inception of his training in March of 2012, Helgi has already touched the lives of thousands around the world and doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.

More on Helgi’s early years and story of diagnosis.

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Race Result Summary

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Helgi is ranked as 43rd in the nation for 2013 in Age Group 30-34 for 70.3 distance triathlon, according to

(2) marathons (PR 03:32:16)
(6) half marathons (PR 01:32:26)
(2) 10 mile runs (PR 01:12:43)
(1) 20km run (PR 01:27:00)
(1) 15km run (PR 1:02:47)
(2) 10km run (PR 00:42:04)
(2) 5km run (PR 00:20:10)
5.1 mile Queen K cycling Time Trial (Current record holder 00:11:36)
Longest training ride (150 miles) (08:00:00 hours moving time)
Longest training run (27 miles) (03:23:00 moving time)
(6) Olympic distance triathlons (PR 02:16:43)
-1.5km swim (PR 00:26:33)
-40km bike (PR 01:03:25)
-10km run (PR 00:42:40)
(7) 70.3 triathlons (PR 05:02:44)
-1.2 mile swim (PR 00:35:19)
-56 mile bike (PR 02:27:20)
-13.1 mile run (PR 01:48:52)
(2) 140.6 triathlon (PR 11:01:29)
-2.4 mile swim (PR 01:11:43)
-112 mile bike (PR 05:24:00)
-26.2 mile run (PR 04:08:18)
5.1 mile Queen K cycling TT (Current record holder 00:11:36)

Through professional coaching and race-specific training plans from his mentors and his will to overcome, Helgi has proven that he has the physical strength and mental toughness that it takes to be a top age group performer with the potential to become professional triathlete in the near future.  As an ENDURANCE athlete, Helgi is living proof that AS can be manageable despite its potentially debilitating effects, and he has made it his mission to serve as a beacon of hope by carrying the torch for over 40 percent of the world’s population who will be affected with one or more of over 200 types of arthritis at least once in their lives.

Athlete Profile

Helgi Olafson Foundation(HOF) has partnered with Racing for a Cure (Arthritis National Research Foundation), which is a platform for others to follow suit and become AS and Arthritis Warriors like Helgi, raising awareness and promoting healthy lifestyle choices all over the world.  Team ENDURANCE is not possible without the support of arthritis and AS communities, sponsorships, grants, and donations.

Interested in being a sponsor? Please view our sponsorship outline

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Helgi at 2013 Ironman Hawaii 70.3, biking a 2:31:27 (36th fastest of the day)

Dave Clow of Muscles by Meyers.  Thanks for the supplements and protein powder.  You earned yourself a spot on the banner :)  Thanks for the support.  I look forward to future endeavors w/ M by M.

Dave Clow of Muscles by Meyers. Thanks for the supplements and protein powder. You earned yourself a spot on the banner :) Thanks for the support.

Helgi is always promoting Abkylosing Spondylitis and Arthritis awareness!

Helgi is always promoting Ankylosing Spondylitis and Arthritis awareness!


Helgi wins his age group (30-34) and places 34th overall at 2015 Lavaman Waikoloa Olympic, with a time of 2:16:43

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